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Ian was my driving instructor. he was patient, knowlageable and kind. His ability to make you feel comfortable in driving the car is something I’ve never experience before. He gave me confidence that I needed in order to pass the test which I finaly ended up doing. Thanks to Ian and Curve Driving School. I am now a licensed driver and I couldn’t be happier with my expirience. For anyone who is learning to drive or just needs refreshher courses, Ian and Curve Driving are definitely the place to go. 


Curve driving school is the best driving school in the Bronx there service is prestige, communication is point blank and instructors are on point I literally walked in schedule my classes and test same in a timely fashion I was well prep and shown the right way to drive by the time I took my test road I was confident and nailed it with flying colors thank you Curve Driving best Driving school in the Bronx!

Michael Hazel

I’m so happy for taking my lessons with Ian at Curve driving. He was such a great instructor always with good energy, make sure I got the point of everything and made sure I was confident!! I passed my road test today!!!! I’m very thankful for taking lessons with Ian. I recommend him 100%


My daughter was lucky enough to have Ian, as a driving instructor. When I asked my girl how they would describe him. Ian is patient, informative, and “doesn’t freak out” if you make a mistake. My girl will be taking their driving tests soon, so an abundant thank you Ian for helping her feel prepared, confident, and truly ready!

Sal Espasito

I had a great experience with Curve Driving School. I took the written test preparation with them for my permit and had a very good experience. They definitely helped prepare me. Then for my behind the wheel training I had Ian. He was absolutely phenomenal. Part of what makes him a really good instructor is the fact that he is always looking out for you and working with you to correct your errors. He also makes sure that you get extensive practice with important skills.

John Jackson

“Signing up with Curve driving is one of the best decisions I ever made. Had me pro level in no time, I would definitely recommend 10 times over. Although I only passed on my second attempt I gotta give a big thanks to Ian, he was always patient with me even though I made simple mistakes, taught me handy tricks that i’ll be using years down the road. He could tell how much i wanted it towards the end so he pushed me alot in the final lessons more as a friend than a teacher. Wouldn’t have wanted anyone else as my instructor and highly recommend anyone new to driving take up lessons with Ian for sure you’ll definitely get your license and be ready to be on the road!”

Juanyel Ramos

Signing up with Curve driving is one of the best decisions I ever made .had me pro level in no time I would definitely recommend 10 times over !!!

Tami-Ann Campbell

Curve Driving School helped me build enough confidence to pass my road test. Ian is great!!!! He is patient, makes you feel comfortable, and makes sure that you understand the rules of the road. I highly recommend Curve Driving School. The best, hands down. I FINALLY GOT MY DRIVER’S LICENSE!!!!!!! And this is the truth…….

Carshenis Mcjimpsey

Ian is a very reliable and helpful person when it comes to his teachings and your necessities. When it comes to his teachings he’s very thorough and informative to make sure I understood exactly what I had to do, what I needed to change when behind the wheel. When it matters most, he’ll push you forward with what you really need to hear because at the end of the day he’s there to help and see you succeed.

Ronaldo Diaz

My experience from the day i called for lessons till the day i took the road test was great. Ian understood exactly what i needed help with and taught me how to execute it without sounding like he was scolding me. Step by step easy instuructions . Passed on the first try and im sure curve driving school helped me achieve that. Highly recommend.

Davon Cashiem

First impression last. My experience with the instructors are unsung! They are well educated and committed to the well-being of their students.  I am honored to have known and be taught in such an authentic environment.  I will certainly recommend this driving school! Phenomenal experience!


My experience with curve driving was great. Before coming into curve driving I thought i was good with a few flaws. All the things I was worried about coming in is out the window. Mr.Ian is a great teacher that would focus on your issues so that you’ll be ready for road. He helps builds confidence and teaches you the right way of driving.

Ricky Randolph

Curve driving school are the best ,I did only one training nd they thought me everything I needed to know about driving, I did my road test once nd I pass it, you are best.

Thanks Bolaji

Instructor Ian from curve driving school makes you feel comfortable and passionate about driving and, more than anything, teach you how to be safe on the road. capable of giving you constructive advice going straight to the point. plus, you will never get bored and feel stress on the road. gives you advice for life opportunities you can get by having your license so you can grow and expand yourself.

Adan Matos

Curve Driving is best of the best. They are right on point and Ian worked perfectly with me to encourage and strengthen me. I went from a nervous driver to a confident driver. All thanks to Curve Driving.

Amoke Mosouratou

I want to thank Mr. Ian & Curve Driving School for helping me achieve this major accomplishment in my life…My driver’s license!!! He is an AMAZING TEACHER!!! What I appreciate the most is that he didn’t just help teach me how to drive on the road, but he helps you to look at yourself differently & see yourself reaching this goal & all the goals you have set for yourself!!! I want to definitely encourage any & everyone to go to Curve Driving School!!! They are truly one of the best!!

Tabetha Webb

If you’re looking for a driving school to go to, look no further than Curve Driving School. My main man Ian, a man with 40 years of professional driving experience held me down and taught me all the essentials of driving. If you’re hard headed and or have bad habits behind the wheel, Ian’s strict style of teaching will definitely set you straight. I took all my lessons the same week as my road test and I passed with flying colors. Thanks a lot Ian for all your wise experience and thank you Curve Driving School for helping me get my license ??

Kenny Mendez

I stumbled on Ian of Curve driving school, a colleague of mine gave me the driving school info to go try it & see the outcome. I went there & came out with a better mindset. Mr Ian is very stern on instructions but flexible in training, I was a stubborn student, bringing in what I had learn but he said it’s about what DMV wants not what I believed. He taught me that . I hear his voice when I’m driving till now….I’ll keep telling everyone that cares to hear that Ian of Curve Driving School is the best!!!


If you are a beginner this is definitely the go to school! They are so patient, people friendly and really care about helping you learn to drive safely and pass your road test. My instructor made me feel very comfortable behind the wheel as a beginner. Patient, yet stern when he needed to be and knowledgeable.

Jaleyah Jones

I wanted to thank you, thank you for being so patient, thank you for teaching me, and thank you for being with me through this journey, I appreciate everything you did ??

Yudelvi Mena

Very professional service and great experience with the staff. I completed a 3 class package with Curve Driving School and it taught me a lot about driving safely and gave me the driving experience I needed to pass my road test. Highly recommend Curve Driving School

Kevin Carballo

With Curve Driving School I was able to learn how to drive and obtain my license without much of a hassles. Instructor takes his time to teach you and he’s very patient. Extremely corporative to accommodate customers ignorance and mistakes

Oki Albright

Hey man I just wanna say a special thanks to my man Ian here over at curve driving school, I came in like a little puppy not knowing nothing. My man Ian turned me into a big dog with all the tips and tricks on how to handle a car and drive safe in the street. If you don’t know how to drive a car or wanna up your skills HIGHLY RECOMMENDED curve driving school, and if you think you know how to drive a car go to curve driving school to go to that next level, cause my man Ian will have you seeing the road in a whole new way

Jordi Guzman

My experience here at Curve Driving was stellar. My instructor, Mr. Ian is simply the most knowledgeable, and proficient instructor that I have ever encountered. I had taken and failed the road test 4 times in the past but thanks to Mr. Ian and his expert training, I finally passed on my 5th attempt. Mr. Ian not only teaches various techniques in approaching driving, but he also ensures that the student is confident, and constantly provides reassurance and feedback after each lesson. My success and goal of obtaining my driver’s license couldn’t have been possible without the training from Curve Driving. Super happy to have the privilege to work with Mr. Ian. Thanks again

Vencecia Smith

I would like to offer this as my testimony to the great driving services I received from Curve Driving School . I was schedule for my road test within 48 hours. I contacted Curve Driving and the next day, I did my 45 minute driving lesson three hours before the New York State Driving Exam and I passed with flying colors. This is the best driving school in the Bronx

Scott Robert

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